19 Years Experience

Chroo Group was founded in the year 2003 in support of the post war Iraq re-construction effort led by the U.S D.O.D. Working with US contractors, Chroo quickly learned the international and western construction methods, health & safety, quality control and mainly project management skills. As a result of this experience, Chroo was able to diversify into other service areas like electrical works, logistics, vehicle leasing, man power & specialised concrete products.



Our current client base include but are not limited to

What we do

We Offer Services

As a client driven company, we strive to offer the best service that can be achieved within any given budget. Our focus is to complete all projects undertaken on time, within budget, with utmost regard to safety & quality to the complete satisfaction of the client.


+964 750 460 3121


Our Construction services include earthworks, roadwork, asphalt production, construction of bridge viaducts, prestressed concrete beam production & installation, production of various precast concrete units such as T-Walls and other force protection barriers, production and installation of concrete modular buildings, production of crushed aggregates, as well as providing construction management services.

Vehicle Leasing

+964 750 747 6666


Providing 24/7 customer services, road side assistance and courtesy cars, has aided us in completely satisfying our clients. Being one of the first vehicle leasing companies in Iraq, we have a vast experience in dealing with clients and meeting their requirements to complete satisfaction. We are extremely competitive in the market. We offer a wide fleet of vehicles for hire on long or short term leases.

Oil and Gas

+964 750 423 6737


The latest addition to the group is the oil and gas sector. Having completed several mechani-cal, electrical, waste management & pipeline projects for a number of oil and gas companies as well as their supporting companies. Chroo oil & gas management team has more than 35 years of experience in the oil and gas sector and can complete any given project with professional prowess.


+964 751 100 4344


As a result of completing large contracts, Chroo Group realized that the requirement to recruit the highest level of skilled manpower would be the key to success. The skill set of our team has been shaped over several years, concentrating on the client requirements and accurate personnel selection for international clients in the sectors of oil and gas, manufacturing, EPC and hospitality.


+964 750 423 6737


We provide logistical services for various companies including foreign military forces. Our logistical services can provide a wide range of needs with regards to procuring equipment of any size. In addition, we have the ability to transport items from the smallest package up to the largest single item. We can also distribute items across Iraq and assist with customs clearance in all areas.


+964 750 423 6737


Chroo General Trading is a company that trades in a wide range of products and materials, in addition to being the official agent/ distributor for the following companies: Schneider Electric, Tempa pano, The Metalith, Variant, Honeywell and much more.


"Shwan Simko" also knows as "THE UNCLE"

Mr. Shwan the company’s CEO grew up in the mid average family in Erbil, after he saw the opportunity to work in mid and south Iraq after the US liberation of Iraq in 2003, he quickly started his small business and he struck out on his own to service the industry’s underserved middle space. It’s produced remarkable results, placing Chroo Group at Top 20 on the PROFIT ranking of KRG’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Since 2003.